25 Gift Ideas: Best Thoughtful Presents for New Expecting Moms that aren’t for Baby

Ever wondered what postpartum gifts for new and expecting moms (that aren’t baby related) are thoughtful and would make motherhood easier? You see motherhood is beautiful, and challenging. New moms experience a lot of overwhelming changes including exhaustion, hormone shifts, maintaining feeding schedules, and healing after birth while adjusting to their new life with a child. These gifts -that’s not…


A Very Important Life Lesson Learned Through Childbirth

Here’s a simple yet important lesson that I learned during childbirth. This effective lesson, when applied, will unleash your greatest potential in other avenues of your life. A Lesson Learned Through Childbirth: Approaching the Unknown Tears flood my eyes, while my body trembles as a rush of pain engulf me for 20 hours. While naturally birthing my first child on…


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