Renard Watches Review

I collaborated with Renard Watches, a unique watch company based in Europe who designs modern watches for that special man or woman in your life. A wide selection of sizes, materials, and colors are offered. These stylish watches ranges from gold, rose gold to silver finishes that will make your eyes light up with admiration.

My husband selected the Grande Chrono Silver White Veau Tan watch to match his wedding shoes. I opted for The Elite Black Gold Link watch, which can be found under the ‘women’ section of the shop. The subcategories makes the shopping experience easier and a lot of fun!

Definitely check out and use code: KOKABUTA to receive 15% off during checkout. Also International Shipping is FREE!


We love to wear our His and Hers watches together.


“Like a fox, Renard is self-willed and confident. Characteristics that embody the spirit of our watches. We have the instinct to stand out on our own grounds. In a world where trends change rapidly, we give self-aware people the tools and inspiration to craft their own style. We fuse tradition and modern philosophy into alluring watches with timeless design. That is RENARD. Timeless style for transient times.”- Renard Watches






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