Clarins Makeup (pen + primer + mascara + concealer) Swatch and Review

Clarins Makeup (pen + primer + mascara + concealer) Swatch and Review

Tired of using your same ole makeup and want to give other brands a try? Did Clarins come to mind, but you wondered how good is Clarins’ makeup? Wonder no more, because I’m about to share my thoughts and first impressions on Clarins’ makeup products including: Instant Light Brush-On Perfector, Supra Volume Mascara, Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch Concealer and the 4-Colour All-in-One Pen.


Lets start with the primer, and work our way to my lips. Since I usually apply my primer before everything else, because I want to create a smooth canvas for my makeup.

Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch

clarins-instant-smooth-perfecting-touch-primer.jpgI agree with Clarins‘ claim that this primer smooths away lines, pores and wrinkles in seconds. I watched my pores shrink moments after applying this lightweight primer. I gently tapped my skin to make sure that the primer was filling the crevices on my face, rather than gliding the primer and letting it sit on the top layer of my skin. Your makeup finish will look effortlessly flawless after using this pore minimizing primer.

Instant Light Brush-On Perfector

clarins concealer instant light brush on perfector.jpg

This full coverage concealer is lighter than my usual go-to color tone, however, I decided to apply it under my eyes because of its coverage and its tightening and smoothing effects – thanks to the oat sugars in the formula! To achieve my correct tone, I applied a layer of a darker concealer over Clarins instant light brush- on perfector.


Supra Volume Mascara


This mascara lengthens and creates voluminous eyelashes . The application was a breeze! The simple design of the wand prevents any unwanted smudges during the application process.


4-Colour All-in-One Pen

The design of this make pen brings back so much good childhood memories. I always had a 4 colour pen in my pencil case, because I loved writing colorful notes. Clarins just made more space in your makeup bag by combining eye and lip pencils into one jumbo pen.  Includes: three retractable eyeliner shades in black, brown and indigo to line and define the eyes and one lip liner. Each shade is highly pigmented, which is a plus!

Of coarse, I did a mini diy project by using the eyebrow pencil/ eye liner as a matte brown (nude) color lipstick. I love the results!

What are your thoughts?


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*Sponsored by Clarins- Thoughts are my own.





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