Are Maternity Clothes Necessary?

Are Maternity Clothes Necessary?

Are maternity clothes necessary,” I wondered during the beginning of my pregnancy. I have a closet overflowing with clothes and was hoping to become a minimalist. I donate to our local thrift stores but always seem to fill the empty hangers. So far my minimalism aspirations are on hold, but I’ll try again in the future. Okay, back to whether maternity clothes are necessary.

My favorite jeans fit during the early months of my pregnancy. As the months went by, I noticed that my favorite jeans did not fit anymore. Fortunately I had denim that were a size too big for my pre-pregnancy body in the back of the closet. That pair was perfect, however, eventually the waist grew too small. The struggle began, but I promised myself that I would not buy maternity clothes during this pregnancy. Oh, by the way this is my first pregnancy so this journey is all new to me. Well, I tried the hair tie hack and looped around the the pants button for extra comfort. That hack gave me a few more wears.

Are Maternity Clothes Necessary - The Hair Tie hack to make pants fit

Maternity Clothes A Necessity?

Now I am 7 months. Most of my bottoms (pants, shorts, and skirts) do not fit. I’ve been wearing dresses most of the time, but I’m longing for more variety. These days I’ve realized that maternity clothes are necessary. I want to feel comfortable in my clothing. Maternity clothing offers that comfort, and ability to wear bottoms without feeling restrained. I definitely suggest that you purchase essentials while pregnant. A pair of black trousers, blue denim pants, leggings and a high-waisted skirt will definitely go a long way! You’ll be the most fashionable pregnant mama around.

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Hope you have a happy pregnancy!

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