Considering a Natural Homebirth? My first child homebirth story

Considering a Natural Homebirth? My first child homebirth story

My water broke around 7am. A rush of emotions filled my heart in that moment. I hoped to meet my sweet son, whom I carried for 9 months, in a few hours. The day before, my husband and I went grocery shopping after our routine midwife appointment with Andrea Ferroni. This shopping trip was unlike any other because I walked slower than my pet tortoise through each aisle. Imagine a very pregnant person waddling as fast as she could, but only making it to aisle 4 after 3 minutes. I had an inkling that I would go into labor anytime, although I was 2 weeks away from my due date, because the pelvic pressure was intense.

My Home Birth Experience: Mixed Emotions

We truly know our body, because the next day I experienced the bloody show — moments after my water broke. I woke my husband up from his (well, let’s say his nap) since I tossed and turned all night while I sought comfort amidst the sharp surging pains.

We called our midwife and told her the news! With joy, anxiousness and everything in-between I said, “I think I’m going to have a baby today!” Contractions were pretty close during the early stages of labor. I’d feel a rushing pain in my back and abdomen every 6-8 minutes and sometimes sooner. To ease my mind, and pass time — I prepared a pot of vegetable soup. Oh that bowl of soup was so comforting. Caring for a newborn consumed our time and energy, so that pot of soup became the perfect leftovers for this pumping mama.

My Home birth Experience: Loving Husband

I’m so grateful for Anthony. He held my hand, added A LOT of pressure to my lower back, and carried me to the bathroom, in-between contractions, to change my depends. This loving man was so supportive. Anthony prepared the birthing pool with warm water, and a as he awaited the birth of his son. He truly did everything he could to make me comfortable.

My Home birth Experience: Pushing

Andrea and Anthony held my hands and reminded me that my body can do this; it’s perfectly designed for the birthing process. I needed this reminder because I was overwhelmed with excruciating pain and felt I could not push. My “breathing the baby out” efforts were not as I imagined. I had to resort to the classic push technique. Once I committed to meeting Kai, and doing what I had to do to get out of the pool and painful situation — I inhaled, placed my legs on the sides of the pool and pushed. The sensation is similar to using the toilet.

Andrea whispered to Anthony, “there is his head.” Once I heard that – I was determined to do this! With one more push I felt the “ring of fire”, his shoulders and body sliding out all within seconds.

Our baby was born Saturday October 28, around 3am. 20 hours after my water broke.


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