How Does DailyLook Women Personal Styling Work? Worth it? A Review!

How does DailyLook Women Personal Styling work? How much does their boxes cost? What brands will i receive in my box? —Answering your questions and sharing a review of my experience using Daily Look!


How will my personal stylist know what I like?

  1. First, I created an account by filling out questions about my lifestyle and whether my day to day life involves a day at the office, a night out with friends, date nights, workouts at the gym, or casual moments at home. I work from home, but love to wear pretty dresses and jumpsuits so I opted for the ‘ night out with friends’ option.
  2.  They are interested in knowing the colors and styles that you love to wear (bohemian, edgy, classic, casual etc) or would rather avoid. Afterwards they ask you questions about your body type, areas you feel most confident sharing or would rather cover. Love how thorough the process is! BTW, all this is done via a questionnaire that you can complete and edit anytime. Hmmm… There are no mention of jumpsuits/rompers when selecting styles you’d love to receive. I wish this was an option since I stumbled across their gorgeous selection of jumpsuits in their shop.
  3. You can share a photo of yourself or link to your social channels (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter), but your personal stylists can gets an idea of your body type and personal style without seeing your photo.

Here’s my try-on and my first impressions of Daily Look!


What sizes does DailyLook carry?

Women’s sizes 0-12, XS-L and waist size 24-32 || I’m waiting for their maternity and plus size launch!

What Brands Can I Receive?

I love C/MEO Collective and Olivia Grey and discovered new brands while unboxing my first DailyLook box. You can select the price range you’d prefer to receive from $60 and up. DailyLook offer a selection of shirts, blouses, sweaters, pants, skirts, shorts, dresses, jackets and accessories. Collections include J Brand, Vince, Rebecca Minkoff, Kate Spade, Equipment etc. This service can be relatively pricey, but the cost covers the value of the styles, styling time, shipping fees etc.



Soo how much is DailyLook’s styling fee? Is it Free?

The styling fee is $40 dollars to receive 12 handpicked pieces by your personal stylist. You can apply the $40 to the items that you choose to keep in your package— or any item you chose to purchase in the shop. Loveeeee that you get a box preview, where you have up to 24hours to leave notes for your personal stylist about a few pieces you’d love to swap out. HOWEVER... I wish there was an option to select the styles you’d want to swap in. Within a few days you’d receive a super sweet gift from your self, and your personal stylist to try new styles from home! Yes!


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Shipping & Returns?

No need to worry about the cost of returning the clothes you did not fall in love with. DailyLook covers the cost of shipping and returns. Just keep your favs or return your least favs within 5 days. They provide printed UPS labels and return packaging. When I lived in a small town I preferred UPS pickups, but I can walk to a drop off site so I’ll soak up the extra sun rays.


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Do I like DailyLook?

This service is perfect for busy women who love fashion, but do not have the time to purchase clothing — or for women who believe they need help with styling, or is interested in dabbling in different looks. I love that I discovered different brands during this process, and found pieces that I’ve worn on repeat (my oversized leopard print maxi dress). DailyLook is a fun way to treat yourself especially after all of your hard work!


Considering Daily Look? Have any other questions you’d like to ask? Just comment below! 




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