A Very Important Life Lesson Learned Through Childbirth

Here’s a simple yet important lesson that I learned during childbirth. This effective lesson, when applied, will unleash your greatest potential in other avenues of your life.

A Lesson Learned Through Childbirth:

Approaching the Unknown

Tears flood my eyes, while my body trembles as a rush of pain engulf me for 20 hours. While naturally birthing my first child on our living room floor. As I approach the unknown, my body and mind grow tense in fear of what is to come.

An important lesson learned during childbirth: My husband holds me while I feel a rush of contractions during my homebirth.

A Moment to…

Each contraction grew stronger and more painful than the last. Between each contraction, I had a moment to continue pulling away from the fear and possibly extend the process for another 20 hours or face my fear of the unknown and move through the contraction. Though we’d love to believe that we are fearless, some things inflict that feeling in our soul. Oftentimes this fear paralyzes us from pursuing new experiences, seeing the world, challenging new ideas and reaching our greatest potential.

An important lesson learned through childbirth: A new mother holding her newborn for the first time after hours of running away from the unknown. After deciding to move through the fear, she gets to meet her son for the first time.

 Enough is Enough… A lesson learned through childbirth

After hours of toying with fear, I decided enough was enough. I wanted to hold my son, see his face and guide him through life’s unknowns. I felt the contractions, my back felt like it was going to explode – but this time I pushed. Moments later, my newborn son slid into the pool. At this moment I truly learned that my mind is stronger than I imagined. When you face your fears life’s greatest rewards can unfold. Though this lesson through childbirth appears to be simple, it, in fact, is life-changing.


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An important lesson learned from childbirth


What’s a lesson you’ve learned through childbirth? I’d love to know!


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