Benefits of moisturizing your lips during and after pregnancy | prevent dry chapped lips

“This is a sponsored post in paid partnership with Carmex”

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, I want to talk about our lips. To my new mamas out there, I know how hard it can be to keep your skin – including your lips – hydrated during and after baby.

The women body endures so many changes throughout pregnancy. Our hormone levels increase, causing the chemistry of our body to alter. Those who never experienced acne now has a face full of pimples, and women with luscious lips pre-pregnancy are running to the internet to find ways to prevent dry/chapped lips during pregnancy. I’ve teamed up with Carmex to share the benefits of moisturizing your lips and shared a few of my own tips for having moisturized lips during and after pregnancy.

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(Applying Makeup Academy Professional gold-tone highlighter to my tear ducts, using a MUA Pro shadow brush.)

         I’m excited to partner with CVS Pharmacy to try the MakeUp Academy Pro line that recently launched exclusively in CVS Pharmacy. The MUA line offers makeup artist must-haves in bold colors, and pro-performance designs. I had a positive experience with the MUA lipstick collection, so I could not wait to try their new face collection and share my thoughts about MUA Pro’s highlighter, mattifying primer and ombre brush makeup collection.Read More »

Clarins Makeup (pen + primer + mascara + concealer) Swatch and Review

Tired of using your same ole makeup and want to give other brands a try? Did Clarins come to mind, but you wondered how good is Clarins’ makeup? Wonder no more, because I’m about to share my thoughts and first impressions on Clarins’ makeup products including: Instant Light Brush-On Perfector, Supra Volume Mascara, Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch Concealer and the 4-Colour All-in-One Pen.

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25 Best Affordable Long Lasting Waterproof Mascaras for Swimming!

What is the best waterproof mascara for swimming? Where to buy affordable waterproof mascaras for the beach? What is the best long lasting waterproof mascara?

Looking for the best affordable waterproof mascaras for swimming, that don’t budge, smear, runs, is smudge resistant, and long lasting? Here’s 25 best waterproof mascaras for swimming that wont run, and will last whether you swim, cry or sweat! Find first impression reviews, demos and where to buy waterproof mascaras below!

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