Where can I buy unique clothes and accessories online : January 2017


Ever wondered “where can I buy unique clothes and accessories online?” Your questions have been answered. I’ve listed statement clothes and accessories that will make you the most stylish show stopper in January 2017. Featuring: J.W.Anderson Pink Suede Ruffle Boots, ASOS Denim Skirt in Awkward Length with Suspenders, Michael Kors mid-rise flared jeans, ASOS Chunky Sweater In Chevron Color Block, Gucci – Appliquéd Mid-rise Flared Jeans – Light denim, French Connection Fringed Chunky Sweater.

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25 Ways : How to Wear Waist Belt Bags – The New Trendy Fanny Packs for Women!

What are belt bags? How do you wear belt bags? Where to buy belt bags? Belt bag a fanny pack?

I stumbled across waist belt bags and instantly fell in love! I love that these waist bags are cute and functional. You can dress your waist belt bags up and wear to special events, or wear them with your favorite buttonup shirt, casual sneakers and skinny jeans to the movies with friends. These must-have accessories look like fanny packs, which I’ve always adored, but thought they made outfits look more casual. Waist belt bags, or as some might call – hip bags, or trendy fanny packs (I might use multiple names throughout this article bare with me) were all over this season’s runways and is here to stay.

Belt Bag (Fanny Pack) Pros:  1) You can carry all of your daily essentials and be hands free! No more shoulder aches, or tired hands from holding 20 pounds of everything that could fit in your bag. 2) These bags tend to be smaller so this forces you to carry less items around all day. You might see this as a con, but do you really uses everything inside of your purse everyday? Less weight= no aches and more time spent exploring, and enjoying the company that you’re in.


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Womens Patchwork Jeans – Denim Trend Fall 2016 | Are Patchwork Jeans in Style? + How to Wear Patchwork Jeans!

Are Patchwork jeans in Style? How do you wear patchwork jeans? Are patchwork jeans trendy for fall 2016?



I purchased these patchwork denim pants from a lovely seller on vinted. These edgy chic jeans remind me of the good ol’ 90s. I love the flared legs- bell bottoms style, and  multi tone denim washes. I committed to the 90’s theme by wearing my absolute favorite black chunky platforms from H&M.

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