A Very Important Life Lesson Learned Through Childbirth

Here’s a simple yet important lesson that I learned during childbirth. This effective lesson, when applied, will unleash your greatest potential in other avenues of your life. A Lesson Learned Through Childbirth: Approaching the Unknown Tears flood my eyes, while my body trembles as a rush of pain engulf me for 20 hours. While naturally birthing my first child on…


Strangers Touching my Pregnant Belly! Rude or Polite?

My husband and I would love to grow our family and give our son a sibling to explore life with. During our parenting talks, thoughts of possible pregnancy side effects, including nausea, morning sickness, exhaustion, joint pains and the dreaded belly rub from strangers fill my mind.  I was over the moon excited when my bump finally popped out during…


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