Our Utah Road Trip | 28 Reasons why the 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe is a good FAMILY SUV

If you have a family, and are searching to buy a new car you’ve most likely wondered if the SUV that you’re admiring is a good family vehicle. This question has crossed my husband and my mind after giving birth to our sweet son. Safety is the top priority for our family while purchasing a car. So, you are wondering if the 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe is a good family car. We felt secure during our family roadtrip through Park City, because of the newest technology that the 2019 model is equipped with.


Benefits of moisturizing your lips during and after pregnancy | prevent dry chapped lips

The women body endures so many changes throughout pregnancy. Our hormone levels increase, causing the chemistry of our body to alter. Those who never experienced acne now has a face full of pimples, and women with luscious lips pre-pregnancy are running to the internet to find ways to prevent dry/chapped lips during pregnancy. I’ve teamed up with Carmex to share the benefits of moisturizing your lips and shared a few of my own tips for having moisturized lips during and after pregnancy.


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