10 Songs that decrease stress and anxiety – relaxing music that relieve stress 2017

According to Psychologists, music can decrease stress and anxiety levels

Feeling stressed and anxious, and really want to feel more grounded and carefree from all the worries of this world? Ever wondered what songs relieve stress? Here’s 10 songs that decrease stress and anxiety.

I definitely suggest doing deep breathing exercises and movements (exercises or stretches) to get your blood flowing and endorphins releasing. Lets say you are sitting in a crowded subway in NYC and you can’t run laps, or roll out your yoga mat.

These songs will make you feel more relaxed, and less tense. You’re probably wondering if we have the same taste in music. Maybe we do. Below is a selection of various genres of music so there’s something for everyone: screen-shot-2017-01-31-at-6-11-52-pm

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Tricks to Fall Asleep Faster, Easier and Naturally – 20 Life Hacks

Having troubles falling asleep? Staying up all night thinking about the errands that you need to accomplish the following day? Want to kick insomnia’s butt? You’re at the right place, if you want tricks to fall asleep faster, easier and naturally!

¬†Here’s a list of the 20 life hacks to fall asleep, as mentioned in her video – Additional thoughts are also included.¬†


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