25 Best Affordable Long Lasting Waterproof Mascaras for Swimming!

What is the best waterproof mascara for swimming? Where to buy affordable waterproof mascaras for the beach? What is the best long lasting waterproof mascara? Looking for the best affordable waterproof mascaras for swimming, that don’t budge, smear, runs, is smudge resistant, and long lasting? Here’s 25 best waterproof mascaras for swimming that wont run, and will last whether you swim, cry or sweat!


10 Unique Ways: How To Layer Summer Clothes For Winter

How to layer summer clothes for winter? What are unique ways to layer clothes for colder weather? Any uunexpected ways to layer summer clothes for winter? Here i’ll share New Ways to Layer Your Clothes For Winter 2016! Continue reading for layering fashion trends:

Winter is here, and I’m certain you’re thinking of revamping your closet with new – and on trend tops, denim and boots for the colder days ahead. No need to break the bank, when you can layer your summer clothes for winter by using pieces that you already have in your wardrobe.


The Secret To Wearing High Heels Without Any Pain

You want to wear your cutest heels tonight, but they cause the most pain. You wear the cutest pair, then regrets your decision hours later. If you’ve ever been in this situation, these tips are for you. Place tissue in the ball and heel of the heel for added support. This tip is helpful if you have flat feet because…


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