Blogger Preset Pack



Includes 6 presets: Blogger Coconut, Blogger Dragon Fruit, Blogger Plum, Blogger Cranberry, Blogger Kiwi, Blogger Blueberry


Blogger Coconut:  Quickly transforms pictures with a bright and airy feel. While giving white elements a contemporary, crisp & clean look.

Blogger Dragon Fruit: Adds a classic film noire, drama and editorial vibes.

Blogger Plum: Creates a moody feel by adding a purple tint, while adjusting the sharpness and clarity for details to pop!

Blogger Cranberry: Darkens the tones while adding depth, drama and a cranberry tint to your images.

Blogger Kiwi: Intertwines a green tint with an edgy, boho and luxurious aesthetic to create a one of a kind mood. 

Blogger Blueberry: Creates a blue, vintage film finish. This preset quickly transforms overcast skies to a pastel blue color.

♡ I’d love to see your lovely creations while using my presets! Tag me on Instagram @KnowingTracy & hashtag #KnowingTracyPresets so that I can share the love, and feature you!



Coloring Tips:

Coconut Color Tips:

Dragon Fruit Color Tips:

Plum Color Tips

Cranberry Color Tips

Kiwi Color Tips

Blueberry Color Tips


Adobe Lightroom Mobile| Lightroom Classic CC | Photoshop CC | Adobe Camera Raw


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