Knowing Tracy Adventure

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Ever wondered how I edit my photos, or how to create a similar feel for your shots? This preset instantly transforms my outdoor pictures, by adding my go-to vibrant and deep tones while emphasizing the reds and oranges for a sun-kissed glow.

Note: Because every picture has different tones, colors, and lighting. You may have to adjust the preset to work with your photo. Below are some helpful coloring tips to make the preset work for you.

Coloring Tips:

For the Adventure and the Cozy Preset try adjusting the exposure and temperature up or down to get the same warm tones and brightness I have in my photos.

The Red Tones can be adjusted by moving the orange hue:
Color > Mix (Mobile)
HSL/Color (Desktop)



Adobe Lightroom Mobile| Lightroom Classic CC | Photoshop CC | Adobe Camera Raw


*Because Presets cannot be returned, I am unable to issue a refund.
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1 review for Knowing Tracy Adventure

  1. Kristin (verified owner)

    I purchased your adventure preset. I’ve had to adjust a couple of settings , but overall I LOVE IT! I’m having so much fun exploring Lightroom. I’ve bought several cheaper presets but haven’t really liked my outcome. You’ve done an amazing job! Plus, I love that you give tips on how to edit! If you need presets y’all need to get them from Tracy 🥰

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